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<iEQ> Tag

<iEQ NAME ="variable name"
[EVAL="<true|false>"]( FALSE )
[QUOTE="<true|false>"] ( FALSE )
[COOKIE="<true|false>"] ( FALSE )
This is an assignment operator in HTML. This can also be used to create variables and cookies. In version 2.1, much of this functionality has been replaced by the iSET command.
UsageAny time a variable is required, this tag can be used. The EVAL directive will evaluate any colon variables that are in the assignment. This is handy for doing recursive processing. The QUOTE directive is used to keep the double quotation marks in the variable being created. This is useful when filling HTML <INPUT> boxes with data that contains spaces.
CommentsTo get non-printable characters simply create a variable that contains that character by typing it in. (For the TAB character: <iEQ name=tabchar value="{tab typed in}"> this will work for carriage returns as well. This is mainly used for outputting tabs and carriage returns when using iFILE.) This tag is used for both numeric and string data. See Chapter 6 on how to create cookies with the iEQ tag.

iEQ example 2
iEQ example 3
iEQ example 4
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Example 3 Source Code
Example 4 Source Code