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<iLOOP INITIAL="initial value"
FINAL="final value"
[STEP="increment"] (1)
[ALIAS="<alias>"] ( ) Pro Edition

This tag does not resolve to anything, but begins a loop in the HTML code. The i_loop environment variable will resolve to the current loop count. If a name is specified, the syntax for the loop variable becomes the alias name specified in the ALIAS directive.
Note The step value may be less than zero as long as FINAL is less than INITIAL. Also note that there can be only one matching </iLOOP> for each <iLOOP>, otherwise it will not work correctly since when the parser encounters the <iLOOP> tag it immediately searches for the </iLOOP> tag. It then loops through that set of code. If there is another </iLOOP> it will cause an error since it has no matching <iLOOP> tag. This is the case for all the iHTML tags that are tag sets.
Usage This can be used in combination with the iSQL tag to continuously return rows from a database. Any place that requires a group of functions to be repetitively executed, suits the iLOOP tag well.

iLOOP example
Example Source Code