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<iMAIL> Tag

<iMAILADDRESS="recipient email address"
[CC="copies to string with commas"] ( )
[HOST="SMTP mail host name"] (From Registry)
[FROM="email address"] (From Registry)
[SUBJECT="subject string"] ( )
[SECHOST="SMTP secondary host name"] (From Registry)
[PORT="SMTP Port"] (25)
[OUTPUT="msg to output on success"] ( )
[BCC=""] ( )
[REPLYTO=""] ( )
[SENDER=""] ( )
[COMMENTS=""] ( )
[PRIORITY=""] ( )
[ATTACH="file and path name"] ( )

Use this tag (along with /iMAIL) to embed email capabilities within a Web page without opening a mail package. iMAIL allows sending of email from within a page. The tag causes an email message of the body to be sent to the specified recipient.
Usage This can be used as an embedded mail editor that can be directly sent to a specified email address. This can also be used to create a mailing list manager, or a web based email system. A popular use is also the sending of an email message when a certain event occurs.
Notes Most of the directives for this tag are self explanatory. SECHOST is a secondary SMTP server to try if the default server is not available or is busy. The PORT is the port number for SMTP services on the server. The ATTACH directive allow the attachment of files to emails. This uses BASE64 encoding which is understood by most mail clients.

iMAIL example
Example Source Code