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[PRECISION="##"] (0)

This tag is used in iHTML 2.1 Basic Edition to perform simple mathematical calculations. Refer to the appendix entitled: ANSI C printf, strftime Escape Characters & Math Operators for a list of supported operators. Further functionality is added to the iMATH tag in the Lite Edition.
The tag evaluates to AoB where o is the operator specified. Some operators are unary like "-". In this case A is assumed 0. The trigonometric functions assume A = 1, and result in f(B) (e.g., cos(B)). These functions further assume that the value of B is in degrees. The bitwise logical functions round off any floating point numbers. If using the less than < or greater than > signs as the operator, make sure it is enclosed in quotation marks. Also note that Javascript mathematical operators that use less than < can cause errors in iHTML 2.1 since it sees this character a tag open marker.
Usage This is used to perform simple arithmetic (e.g., calculate total figure in a column, adjust data outputs, etc.).

iMATH example
Example Source Code