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<iSQLFETCH [ALIAS="alias"] (i_sql) Pro Edition

This tag replaces the colon variables :xxx where xxx=field number of result and :i_sql_<fieldname> with the next row in the query, or an empty set if the query is already exhausted. The variable i_sqlempty is also set to true when an empty fetch occurs. The alias must match that for the corresponding iSQL tag. For aliased queries, the i_sql is replaced by the alias.
Note: For aliased queries which do not generate column names, a maximum of one piece of data is available which is simply the alias and an underscore. Unaliased queries still may use the :x notation to retrieve unnamed columns. The i_sqlempty variable is common to all fetches regardless of alias, and reflects the state of the most recent fetch only.

iSQLFETCH example
Example Source Code