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<iTIME> Tag

<iTIME[FMT="formatstring"] (%X)
[ADJUST="<+/-minutes>"] (0)
[TIME="sometime"] (current time)

This tag resolves to the current time at the server specified after the adjustment, if any. The time is formatted according to the C strftime format specifications. Refer to the appendix entitled: ANSI C printf & strftime Escape Characters for more details on compatible formats.
UsageThis can be used to display the current time directly on the page. It can also be used to insert times into a database. The ADJUST directive can be specified to return a time which is plus or minus the number of minutes from the current time. The TIME directive can be used to specify a time and return it in a specified format.
Resolution Current time at the server as specified after the adjustment (if any)

iTIME example
Example Source Code