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[ALLOCGRAN="allocation granularity"] 
[COLNUMBERS="return column numbers"] 
[COOKIECASE="<true | false>"]   (FALSE) 
[DSN="datasource name"] 
[DSWAIT="datasource wait"] 
[ERRORLOG="<true | false>"] 
[ERRORLOGPATH=""path for the tag error log"] 
[FAXCOM="fax com port"] 
[FAXEXTRA="fax extra information"] 
[FAXHOST="fax host driver"] 
[FLUSHSTMT="<true | false>"]    (FALSE) 
[KEY="ihtml key"] 
[LOGHITS="<true | false>"]  
[MAILFROM="admin email address"] 
[MAILHOST="mail server"] 
[MAILHOST2="secondary mail server"] 
[MAXITERATION="maximum iterations of a loop"] 
[NOEXISTPAGE="page to execute if requested page is missing"] 
[NOERRORPAGE="page to execute"] 
[NUMSTMT="number of simultaneous statements"] 
[POPPORT="POP port number"] 
[PWORD="dsn password"] 
[SINGLET="single thread mode"] 
[SMTPPORT="SMTP port number"] 
[SN="ihtml serial number"] 
[TAGPEEK="bytes to look for !ihtml"] 
[UID="dsn user id"] 
[KEEP="<true | false>"]     (TRUE) 

If KEEP is false, it keeps the settings until the web server is stopped.  If set to TRUE then the changes are written to the registry.  This tag sets the registry key for iHTML so the settings can be changed on the fly.  The DSN, NUMSTMT and KEY do not take effect until the server is restarted. 


iCONFIG Example
Example Source Code