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NAME="name of the cookie"
VALUE="value to assign to cookie"
[EXPIRES="in seconds"]     (15552000)
[SECURE="<true | false>"]    (FALSE)
[DISCARD="<true | false>"]    (FALSE)
[COMMENT=""]      ( )
[COMMENTURL=""]     ( )
[DOMAIN="domain valid for"]    (current)
[PATH="path in domain valid for"]   ( / )
[PORT="http port number"]    (80)
[VERSION="cookie version number"]   ( )

While cookies can be created with the iEQ tag with the COOKIE=TRUE directive, the iCOOKIE tag conforms to the latest specification for cookies.  To make a cookie expire at the end of the session, set DISCARD equal to TRUE.  EXPIRES specifies the time when the cookie will expire in seconds from the current time.  To reference a cookie that has been set, simply refer to the cookie name as a colon variable.

iCOOKIE Example
Example Source Code