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<iFAX> Tag

TONUMBER="fax number" 
[TOCOMPANY="recipient company name"]  ( ) 
[TOPERSON="recipient"]     ( ) 
[FROMCOMPANY="sender company"]  ( ) 
[FROMPERSON="sender"]    ( ) 
[FROMNUMBER="reply fax number"]   ( ) 

 This tag will queue a fax to the given recipient.  The content of the fax is any code resolved between the <iFAX> and the </iFAX> tags.  HTML formatting will not be applied here, so the body of the fax should be free from HTML tags.  iHTML tags and variables included will be resolved prior to transmission. 
 Since not all potential message recipients have email, using iFAX allows Internet messages to still be sent to them.  This can be used as an embedded fax form that can directly send text messages to a specified recipient.  This could also be used with the iHTML Merchant to fax new orders to a fulfillment center.  The following settings are set in the registry or through the Enterprise manager. 

FAXCOM - this string should be set to "WinFax" for WinFax Pro 8.0 use. Look in the printers setup in Windows and use the exact name of the "fax printer" that is listed there. 

FAXEXTRA - should be able to leave blank. It is the name of the print spooler in Windows 

FAXHOST - the name of the Faxing software's DDE server.  For WinFax Pro 8.0 
you can use either FAXMNG32 or to retain compatibility with older versions, 


iFAX Example
Example Source Code