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<iPAGER> Tag



PORT="modem com port"
BAUD="baud rate"
MODEMINIT="modem initialization string"
MODEMDIAL="modem dialing string"
ACCESSNUM="pager access number"
PAGERID="pager id number"
MAXCHARS="max. characters to send"
MSG="the message to send"
This allows you to send a message to an alphanumeric pager.  A modem must be connected to the specified port on the server for this to work.   This tag also returns a result code in the variable :i_pager.

PORT - in the format COMx

BAUD - 300, 1200, 2400, 9600, etc.  Many paging companies still use 300 and 2400.  Our tests were 300. In the BAUD directive:  precede the baud rate by the letter S to "Stay Connected."  i.e. S300.  With this, the pager DLL checkes to see if the carrier tone is high or not.  If it is, it just sends the page without dialing, and doesn't close the port/hang up.  If it's not high, it dials, sends the page, and doesn't hang up. You can also precede the baud rate with an N  (i.e. N300) to force it to use N,8,1 instead of E,7,1, which is the standard for paging services.

MODEMINIT - leave blank unless there's something specific to send to the modem

MODEMDIAL - leave blank in most cases.  If you have pulse, ATDP would be needed.

ACCESSNUM - <pager company dial up>^<your pager code/pin>  no dashes!
                        i.e. 4162885555^634490
If DIRECT is put in here instead of a number it assumes a direct connection to the paging company and the DTR is never dropped.

PAGERID - the *phone number* of the pager (the one you'd call up to normally page the pager) To send multiple messages on the same call, separate the various pagerid's with the caret (^) character.  Then, separate the various messages you want to send in the MSG directive.

i.e.)  PAGERID="1111111^2222222^3333333"
        MSG="Goes to person 1.^Goes to person 2.^Goes to person 3."

Be sure to have the same number of ^'s in each of pagerid and msg, or unpredictable results may occur.

MAXCHARS - the most characters the pager can handle at once. 

MSG - the alphanumeric message to be sent.  len(MSG) <= MAXCHARS

There are numerous uses for paging from a Web page.  Used in combination with iPOP, it is possible to implement an email to paging system with iHTML.  Combined with the scheduler system, a user could be paged when certain conditions occur.

iPAGER Example
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