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HEIGHT="height of the image"
WIDTH="width of the image"
[IMGEXTRA="literal info to add to IMG tag"]   ( )
[DEVICE="0-9"]       (0)

This tag is used to capture input from an AVI device.  HEIGHT and WIDTH specify the size of the image on the screen in pixels.  This can be used with the Connectix QuickCam to get live video onto your web page without a plug in. 
 IMGEXTRA is used to put additional information into the resulting IMG tag such as border=0 etc…


 basepath  REGSZ: path with no trailing slash where to store the captured images any threads accessing must have permission here, and must be in a  webspace accessible area

 baseURL REGSZ: the url corresponding to the path above with no trailing slash

The following have X which could range from 0-9 and corresponds to the device id used. These are assigned based on the order these devices appear in the avi device section of the registry.

deviceX  name (arbitrary - just must exist to use this device)
widthX  width to capture
heightX  height to capture
bitsX  1,4,8,24 - must be supported by device selected


iVIDCAP Example
Example Source Code