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<iSRVR> Tag

<iSRVRNAME="<name of the variable>"
[LIST="<headers | session | pblock | vars>"]
UsageThis tag gets the values for server and environment variables. As new variables get defined for your web server, this tag can retrieve them. See your web server documentation for the names of the variables that can be retrieved. This is in addition to the environment variables that are already predefined within iHTML. Each of the predefined variables can be retrieved with this tag as well. This is the preferred method since it is faster and directly refererencing the variable.
NoteThe LIST directive is only required on Netscape servers to specify where the variable you are requesting is located. Also note that the API key in the registry must be set correctly for this tag to work. This does not work on ALLHTTP variables on the Microsoft IIS server.

iSRVR example
Example Source Code