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This tag requires the presence of a special table named iCounters in the default datasource in the format "ID(int), path(string), hit_count(int)". This tag resolves to the number of page hits to this URL. The URL hit counts are stored in a special server log file. This count is logged whether or not the iCOUNTER tag is actually used. Using the request path information, the page accesses are recorded for each page. If the page does not exist in the database, it will be added automatically. The iCOUNTER tag is only used to read the hit count not increase the total.
NoteThis can slow down server performance since each request to your web server does a database INSERT. Note the total returned by the iCOUNTER tag is page accesses and not hits. A hit is defined as a single http request so every graphic on a page counts as a hit. A page access is a single page request by a browser.
UsagePlace this tag on the page where you want to display the number of page hits. The default is set to FALSE for counter logging. To enable logging, go to Registry Editor. Under software\\Inline\\iHTML\\currentversion\\, change LogHits=TRUE. Or use the Enterprise Manager to change this setting.
ResolutionNumber of page accesses for the page.

iCOUNTER Example
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