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<iFILE> Tag

<iFILENAME="filename and path"
[START="seek address offset"] (0)
[LEN="buffer length"] (file length)
[DATA="data string for a write or append operation"] ( )
[OP="<read | write | append | purge | rename | delete>"] (READ)
[MODE="<bin | text>"] (BIN)
[WAITLOCK="slices"] ( )
[OUTPUT="msg to output on success"] ( )

The directives required depend on the operation to be performed. If data is provided, the default operation is an 'append'. If no data, the default operation is read in the entire file. If the operation is read, the file contents replace the tag rather than the success string. If WAITLOCK is greater than zero then the thread gives up its timeslice if the file is locked. It does this up to WAITLOCK number of times before an error is returned. The NAME directive can be a relative or absolute path.
UsageThis can used to store data in a file rather than storing them in a database. It can also be used to directly write new html or text files on-line.
NoteSee also section 5.3.7 on outputting special non-printable characters with iFILE.

iFILE Example
Example Source Code