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NUM="message number"

Usage This provides the header information in variables. This may vary by email system but you can use the <iHEAPDUMP> tag to find which ones are defined. These include (with example contents)
i_pop_received : from pc_russc.inline.net by oak.inline.net id aa29623;
i_pop_comments : Authenticated sender is
i_pop_from : Russ Cobbe
i_pop_to : poptest@inline.net
i_pop_date : Mon, 4 Nov 1996 19:59:46 +0000
i_pop_mime-version : 1.0
i_pop_content-type : text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
i_pop_content-transfer-encoding : 7BIT
i_pop_subject : (Fwd) iPop
i_pop_priority : normal
i_pop_x-mailer : Pegasus Mail for Windows (v2.33)
i_pop_message-id : <9611041800.aa29623@oak.inline.net>
i_pop_status : RO
Resolution This returns the headers for the message number specified.

Example Source Code