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<iTIMESLOT[DBNAME="datasource name"] (From Registry)
TABLE="table in the form specified"
[LOGIN="uid/pword"] (From Registry)

This tag requires the presence of a special table in the format "ID(int), from_time(int), to_time(int), output(string)". FROM and TO are specified in minutes after midnight (e.g., 9:00am would be 540). The first range to overlap the current time is chosen. If none overlap, the default is taken as an empty row regardless of its From and To values. CLIENT selects client or server time. The default is server. If CLIENT=TRUE, the time service must be running on the client machine.
UsageThis is useful to display real-time data (e.g., can be used to display stock quotes, current events, corporate agendas, schedules, etc.).

Example Source Code