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<iWHILE> Tag

<iWHILE [ALIAS="name that evaluates to true or false"] |
[NOTALIAS="name that evaluates to true or false"]
</iWHILE ALIAS="name that evaluates to true or false"

Usage This tag structure is used to perform a set of functions while a condition is true. This is a more efficient way to loop through rows in a result set from a database query, using the i_sqlempty variable. Using the NOTALIAS directive will loop while a condition is false. Use only one of either ALIAS or NOTALIAS. When using NOTALIAS, the /iWHILE should still have the directive ALIAS but use the same alias name.
Note This tag is affected by the MAXITERATIONS setting that prevents endless loops. Default is 1000 and can be changed in the Enterprise Manager

iWHILE Example
Example Source Code