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UsageIt is often necessary to draw dashed lines, dotted lines, and other variations on a broken line. This tag can be used to set any desired series of colors, including a special color that leaves the background intact, to be repeated during the drawing of a line.
To use this tag create an array of integers and assign them the desired series of color values to be repeated. You can assign the special color value gdTransparent to indicate that the existing color should be left unchanged for that particular pixel. To draw a line using the style use the normal iIMAGELINE function with the special color value gdStyled
You can also combine styles and brushes to draw the brush image at intervals instead of in a continuous stroke. When creating a style for use with a brush the style values are interpreted differently: zero (0) indicates pixels at which the brush should not be drawn while one (1) indicates pixels at which the brush should be drawn. To draw a styled brushed line you must use the special color value gdStyledBrushed.