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<iPUSH> Tag


UsageThis sends a continual stream of data to the client browser. It sends the data in the buffers to the client, if RESTART=TRUE then the buffers are cleared and parsing starts again on the page. There are a multitude of uses for this feature including animation and in any place that up to the minute information is to display on a browser. The HEADERS directive allows a page to use headers generated by a CGI instead of iHTML's. This effectively suppresses iHTML's header generation.
NoteTrapping the error that the client has gone away in ipush may or may not have any effect. If the tags simply resolve to page content, it will have no effect other than to take time to process. If something such as writing files, or interacting with hardware is present there, this will still happen, even if the client is gone. This may be used to signal or log that the client is gone, depending on the application (ie monitor the link, log connect time, etc.)

iPUSH Example
Example Source Code