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OP="<add | set | delete>"
START="" (0:0:0)
STOP="" (23:59:59)
INTERVAL="" (300)
TIMEOUT="" (30000)
PORT="' (80)
USER="" ( )
PASS="" ( )

UsageThis tag is used to add items to the Back Page Processing engine. An ODBC datasource must be configured before this tag is used. See Chapter 2 on configuring a datasource.
NotesThe INDEX directive is ignored when using SET. The tag does not resolve to anything.
Using the iSQL tag to get the info from this to populate a table is better since it is more versatile, this tag is mainly used for setting entries. DBNAME is the name of the access dsn for the schedule db, no user or pass are required here. This does not default to default connection, this must be specified - you would not want the schedule as your default dsn. USER and PASS are for the http request, not the database.

Example Source Code